Mom Guilt

A woman I went to high school with recently shared on Facebook that Life cereal has genetically engineered/bioengineered ingredients in it. The manufacturer doesn’t exactly advertise this on the front of the box, so many an unsuspecting consumer tosses it in their buggy and moves on to the next item on the grocery list.

And I LOVE that she shared this. Because it is a problem! Messing with our food the way Big Ag has is screwing up our health. There is plenty of research to support that. But reading her post made me anxious. It reminded me that there is yet another cause, another thing that I am not doing well for my family.

Over the years I have gotten on many soapboxes, determined to be the next crusader of a just cause. But I get so exhausted that I not only fall of the wagon, I let it run over me. I have been passionate about chocolate that comes from countries where child labor laws are lax, cosmetics that don’t use palm oil because the farms in Indonesia and Malaysia, the countries that provide 84% of the WORLDS supply, rape the women and young girls working the fields. They keep families indebted to farm owners for generations, never paying them enough to do anything else. I have worried about organic vs. not organic, the amount of blue light my children see daily – the list goes on and on.

It is suffocating . To pick one thing doesn’t seem like enough, but to tackle them all is too much. And don’t get me started on trying to get the whole family on board. They all look at me like “here we go again” or I get told “you’re just one person, it won’t matter”, or “Mom, you think everything is going to give us cancer.” I want to do the best for my family that I can. I want my children to learn to read labels and to understand how the products they buy effect people on the other side of the world, sometimes in really horrific ways.

But I fear that in all my trying I’ve overwhelmed them too. Like a modern day boy who cried wolf I’ve made them numb to all the plights we face. I always associated mom guilt with mothers who worked or practiced self-care. But now I feel that label myself, deep in my bones. That in and of itself is an exhausting burden to carry.

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