World-Schooling Day 2

We spent the night anchored at Staniel Cay in the Exumas. After waking up and enjoying a quick breakfast and some much needed coffee, we boarded our dinghy and headed over to Pig Beach on Big Major Cay, which borders Staniel Cay.

I’ve cruised the Exuma Islands for the third time now and the pigs remain one of my favorite stops. The story behind the swimming pigs is that a farmer once lived on the island and each day he would bring his boat to the island loaded with fruits and veggies. To ensure they were fed first, the pigs would swim out to his boat. Now accustomed to daily visitors, the pigs are little more lazy and won’t, with any consistency, swim out to greet you. Nevertheless, they are awesome!

Following our time with the pigs Charli completed her school lessons for the day. We learned that the ocean is salty because millions of years ago gas bubbled up from earth’s core containing salt. Today, rainwater carrying salt also contributes to the ocean’s composition.

As we were wrapping up our worksheet on fractions, we heard shouts of excitement from the deck. Joining our travel companions at the side of the boat, we saw a brown shadow coming towards us. A nurse shark wanted to see what goodies we would toss its way. Not wanting to miss the moment, Charli and her dad quickly donned their snorkeling masks and fins and dropped into the water. Charli was not buying that the shark didn’t want to eat her, but she bravely stuck her face in the water to get closeup view.

So proud of her for facing her fear, if only for a moment. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the day holds for us!

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